Automated Valet Parking (AVP)


The AVP product/service from ZongMu Technology (ZongMu) aims to solve the most difficult parking problems with the integration of the intelligent driverless vehicle, the smart garage infrastructure and the cloud-based service. With this service, the driver is allowed to leave the vehicle in a drop-off area and only use a smartphone application to park or summon.


The ultimate goal of AVP service is to release the driver from the boring, difficult, time consuming parking workload and provide more value-added service with the integration of the driverless vehicle and the smart garage/smart city intelligence.


The ZongMu AVP service is a level4 function based on the SAE latest definition for the ADAS and autonomous driving system. ZongMu is developing the system with OEMs and ecosystem partners, and is going into SOP and start launch in the market in the 2H 2020.


This system of this service contains of:

1. The driverless vehicle developments like perception, positioning, planning and control.

2. The smart garage like perception, parking slot reservation, car wash service, etc.

3. The cloud-based services like driverless car monitoring, safety enhancement, intelligent transport system management, etc.

4. And the ecosystem partners like the industry Association, insurance, real estate, etc.